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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Double the bonus !!!

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Don't do a double take, you heard IT right! 
  • Ruby Bonus - $500 
  •  Diamond Bonus$20,000 
  •  Double Diamond Bonus - $30,000 
  •  Triple Diamond Bonus - $50,000 
  •  Presidential Bonus - $100,000
  •   Ambassador Bonus- $150,000 
  •  and our newest rank ...DOUBLE Ambassador!
Click the link an join now don't miss out!

Building Ruby's!

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I'm STARTING OVER in my network marketing business.

AND, that's where it gets interesting for YOU.

Starting today, January 24th, I'm going to help build BRAND NEW RUBY'S with out Itworks Global organization. ( avg. income $500/month ).

RUBIES make DIAMONDS (avg. $2000/month)

This organization will be on my front line, directly enrolled by Brandi, located at the TOP of bbzkwraps.

if you are interested , email me at asap.
p.s this is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE, so if you're interested, contact me immediately!

p.p.s this opportunity is NOT open to existing distributors enrollees ONLY!

p.p.p.s The event will be numbered so you can see it in order an keep up. Ask questions and invite friends:)
☆☆☆☆Read $500 Bonus!!☆☆☆☆☆
This how we work our biz each month its called the steps of success!
1.) Run your auto ship of $80 with to be commission qualified.
2.) bring for loyal customer on board = $120 rebate = $200 profit from wraps sold. plus a $25 wrap reward = $200 wraps sold!...
3.) bring 3 distributors on board = $100 bonus for each one!
This guarantee's you a $500 income!!! this doesn't count your wrap cash!
☆☆☆RUBY BONUS!!☆☆☆
Ruby Bonus is a new bonus. Those who complete the steps to success and get their $500 guarantee will also receive a $500 Ruby Bonus if they go Ruby! ! Within their first 2 calendar months.
= $1800+ in your first 2 month!
Join now don't wait ends 3/30/15!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Hair Skin & Nails!! So Aesome!!!!

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Hair Skin & Nails -

Be a more #radiant, #youthful looking you with support for stronger nails, softer and smoother #skin, and shine-worthy hair!  With #essential #vitamins, #minerals, and #plant-based #nutrients, #Hair #Skin #Nails enhances your own natural collagen and keratin production, supports #healthy cell growth, and boosts your body’s free radical fighting defenses.  It’s optimal #nourishment to look your #beautiful best from the inside out!
·         Boosts your #natural #collagen and #keratin production
·         Supports the #body’s defenses against free #radical damage
·         #Moisturizes while enhancing skin’s elasticity and flexibility
·         Promotes healthy cell #growth, ##strength, and shine

Brandi New Available 3/5/15 at 3pm ET

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WARNING: This is NOT your typical energy drink!! Available March 5th, 2015 6pm pacific time! Get ready to #BringIT!
*** txt 15414093605 with you name an number to get on my waiting list! ***

Blended with a proprietary formula, Energy is packed with natural stimulants free of the jittery effects caused by today’s leading energy drinks.
 • A full spectrum of phytonutrients
• Potent antioxidant-rich polyphenols
 • Packed with Vitamin B to support brain function
• Proprietary Energy Blend • Helps support the body’s ability to sustain  natural energy levels

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